Dance in This Chaos

North Macedonia | 2021 |16′ | FIC| Director: Murat Zherka

Aziz is preparing for his very first concert. Only one hour separates him, for his dream becoming a reality. But, given the obstacles along his journey, encourage Aziz to use the guitar strings as the most powerful weapon ever.

Disco Funeral

Albania | 2021 | 25’| FIC | Director: Benart Laze

The quiet routine of living in an absurd environment, between dreams of dancing disco hits with the love of his life and working as a gravedigger at the cemetery.

Dur Gur Mur

Kosova | 2021 | 10’ |FIC|Albanian Premiere | Director: Genc Agron Jakupi

DUR GUR MUR follows a little boy as he wanders around an abandoned train station. Using a surreal and non-linear cinematic language, the director Genc Jakupi explores the relationship between dark heritage and memory, taking his own memories of experiencing deportation to Bllacë during the war in ‘98-’99 as a starting point.


North Macedonia | 2021 | 11′ | FIC | Director: Sezer Salihi

Metin celebrates his birthday, his friend Hassan surprises him with a cake. He remembers his tragic, romantic, cheerful and mysterious birthday on July 25th,1963. One day before the earthquake which destroyed 80 percent of the city of Skopje.

The Middle Road

Albania| 2021 | 11′ | DOC | Director: Ardit Muhaxhiri

Rosella, an Italian/Albanian artist who lives in Tirana, Albania, reflects on past, present and future in the midst of a frozen era of identity crisis bigger than hers.


Kosova| 2020 | 20′ | FIC | Director: Val Jashari

Based on a true story, “Nanë” follows a poor Albanian boy and his efforts to save his dying mother in a 1950’s rural village.

A Pigeon’s Song

Belgium| 2021 | 16′ | DOC | Director: Eneos Çarka

Awake each morning by the voice of a pigeon, the filmmaker reads his great-grandfather’s prison diary. He learns that a pigeon accompanied him too while he wrote. This solitary, timeless pigeon fills the gaps of what is forgotten, awaking unspoken family wounds.


Albania| 2020 | 25′ | FIC | Director: Gentian Gjikopulli

We’re on a taxi who’s DRIVER tries talking with his GIRLFRIEND concerning a possible abortion, dealing on and on with her and the traffic noises, messy road workers, old used buses, scooter’s loud exhaust, shouts, horns, and cornets honking, policeman whistling and finally with a stopped ambulance with the sharp sound of its siren which stops close to them leading the soundtrack of this scene to a high pitched climax, on a crazy stopped traffic.