KO:SH Film Festival | Korca International Short Film Festival is a cultural showcase for national and international short films scheduled to take place in Korça from 08 to 12 July, 2019.
KO:SH Film Fest replaced First Step Film Festival—an International Student and Independent Film Festival which has been organized regularly since 2010 in Tirana.

During the five-day festival, about 100 national and international short films with be shown.
Competitors will compete against each other in three film genres: Fiction, Documentary, Amination & VR. There are four main competitions, International Competition, Albanian Competition, Student Competition, and VR Competition, and prizes will be awarded for ten categories: Best Film, Best Fiction, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Student Film, Best Cinematography, First Step Award, Best National Film, VR Award &Audience Award.
During the day the films will be screened at Andon Zako Çajupi Theatre. At night, the films will be shown in the historical square of the city—Pazari i Korçës—a newly reconstructed area that turned into a tourist attraction site and became the most visited part of the city, and at “Parku Rinia”.

Apart from showing films, several workshops, lectures, and other activities will be organized to involve as many people as possible. Afterparties will take place every evening in one of the alleys of the city marketplace for all the participants and visitors.

Once the festival ends, a small group of our staff will travel to various cities and villages of Albania and Kosovo to screen films to the public where cinema is inexistent.