We’re happy to announce the winners of KO:SH FILM FEST 2023!



BEST SHORT FILM – Bellus | Alexis Pazoumian | France

Jury statement:

In just under 25 minutes, the film manages to effectively convey the feeling of being
trapped inside the cage of grief and of past ghosts, and also the immense willpower
needed to break free from this cage.


BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM – Radio Silence | Kerren Lumer-Klabbers | Denmark

Jury statement:

A deeply touching exploration of a break-up, viewed through a truly unique lens. The
conflict fades into a profound silence, indifference and melancholy, culminating in the
inescapable point of no return.



Best Student Short Film – The Other End of the Street | Kálmán Nagy | Hungary, Austria (Vienna Film School)

Jury statement:

The scenes, meticulously constructed with a profound understanding of human
dynamics, immediately immerse the audience within the conflict, where the central
question is, “Who is in the right?” with direction and acting so compelling that you
forget you’re watching a student film.


Best National Short Film – Prishtinë, 2002 | Trëndelina Halili | Kosova

Jury statement:

A cinematic time machine seamlessly propels us into the lives of two teenagers in early
2000 Kosovo. A testament to the director’s abilities, weaving together seemingly
straightforward shots and scenes that convey a tapestry of intricate and universal



Audience Award – Richter | Koloreto Cukali | Albania