Croatia |2021|18’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb

Director: Borna Zidarić

Twenty-two-year-old Lana lives alone in an apartment in Zagreb. One day, an allegedly unknown man broke into her apartment. After a police insight, Lana remains living in an apartment with a broken front door and in anticipation of her father’s arrival.


Italy |2021|19’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| CSC Rome

Director: Francesco Romano

It’s daytime. At the “Ambasciatori”, one of the last standing porn-theater in Rome, in the darkness of the screening room, sunbeams filter through the corridors and the toilets. On the screen, porn scenes are being shown, while only few spectators are interested in watching them, but a real community, claiming their right to exist.


Iran |2021|20’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Tehran University of Art

Directors: Ziba Karamali, Emad Arad

Parsa -a 13 years old boy- trying to hide a secret from his father…

Brothers Again

Switzerland |2020|10’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Zurich University of the Arts
Director: Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

An elderly man reconciles with his long lost brother, but the happiness of the family reunion soon turns into a nightmare.

Gita Di Famiglia

Italy |2021|18’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| CSC
Director:Francesco Della Ventura

Pietro takes his family out to lunch. His wife and daughter don’t imagine that the choice of the restaurant is not accidental. Olga, Pietro’s lover, with whom he hasn’t spoken in a month, works there. Pietro is willing to risk his whole life to make things right between the two of them.


Italy |2021|17’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| CSC

Director: Federico Russotto

Aureliano e Simone seem to belong to different planets. They don’t speak much, their common language is fencing. With each lunge they will test their talent and loyalty.


Austria | 2021 |21’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Filmakademie Wien
Director: Magdalena Chmielewska

In her desperate search for sleep Eva (17) does everything to stay the night at other peoples houses where she watches others while sleeping. When being awake through the nights, Eva takes us to the backside of normal life at the same time forcing her family and friends to develop a different perspective on what they thought is „normal“.


Switzerland |2021|17’|DOC|Albanan Premiere| Lucerne University of the Arts
Director: Laura Gauch

The filmmaker takes us on an explorative journey to find out more about her mother’s family. Part of them had to flee Chile in 1973 during the Military Coup, since they had a close connection to the former president Salvador Allende. Through fragmented memories, we accompany her cousin Lua, who faces the uncertainty of who she is and asks questions about the family’s history. How does this generation deal with the past and how does it continue to shape their identity?


Russia |2021|25’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Moscow Film School

Director: Boris Vedensky

A member of National Guard Roman is in love with a political activist Nat. Once he comes to her house with a search. But his bosses find out the relationships between them.

Something Must Happen

Hungary |2021|28’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| SZFE

Director: Dániel Botos

The life of a group of friends has been shaken by a tragic event. They travel to the countryside to try and face the situation together.

The Dreams Of Lonely People

Poland|2020|23’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Warsaw Film School

Director: Marek Leszczewski

After twenty years in prison, a man returns to his family home to die alone. A mysterious figure from the magical world of nature begins to appear in his surroundings. Getting to know her could be the best time of his life. What are the real consequences of this meeting?

The Third Solar Term

UK |2021|20’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| London Film School

Director: Zhanfei SONG

During a short spring break after The Third Solar Term (惊蛰 jīngzhé), Qizhe returns home to visit his mother. After meeting a man from the internet, he began to lose control of his double life. One that was living true to himself and the other, pretending to be the perfect son.


Belgium|2020|20’|FIC|Albanian Premiere|Rits School of Arts

Director: Hyun Lories

Sanaa (23) returns to Versailles, the place where she grew up, and in an attempt to reconnect with her little sister Rana (15), she promises her, to go on a journey to the seaside for the first time. A trip they’ve always wanted to make together.

When The Night Comes

Poland|2021|23’|FIC|Albanian Premiere|Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School

Director: Katarzyna Sikorska

It’s wartime. Maria finds out her husband Jan is in the hospital. It turns out the man does not recognize her. Maria has doubts whether Jan has actually lost his memory, or is he lying to avoid punishment for potential desertion. The many understatements and secrets cause confusion. Night mixes with day, for both the audience, and our heroes. Is any of this real? Maybe it’s all a dream, maybe a figment of a traumatized mind.


Austria|2021|14’|FIC|Albanian Premiere|Filmakademie Wien

Director: Niklas Pollmann

Two lost souls in London. Connected through a poem in German and the question of how they will meet.